Highlight code with Jumi on Joomla

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Highlight code with Jumi on Joomla

  • Download plugin
  • You need Jumi to use this plugin without 'direct mode'
  • The languages supported are in:
    • /plugins/content/highlight_code/geshi/geshi
  • You can add more languages from here
  • If you use 'direct mode' and the code is deleted when you save the article, you have to go to joomla admin > plugin > Editor - TinyMCE 2.0 > Code cleanup on save > never
  • There is a plugin (extenions for TinyMCE, you will see a button when you are editing an article) for add the code easily
  • Example id: { code lang:php id:9}{ /code} (It highlights Jumi's item 9 with php lang)
  • Example alias: { code lang:css alias:style_css}{ /code} (It highlights Jumi's alias "style_css" with css lang)
  • Example, directly: { code lang:javascript}document.getElementById('test').display = 'none';{ /code} (It highlights the code between { code} and { /code})
  • More atributes:
    • title:"Mi title"
    • showtitle:false or showtitle:hidden (show title?)
    • hidden:false or hidden:true (code hidden?)
    • lines:true or lines:false (show lines?)
    • line:number (the lines begin at...)


JavaScript (direct mode)

{ code lang:javascript}document.getElementById('test').display = 'none';{ /code}
Mostrar/Ocultar código javascript




{ code lang:php alias:demo-php title:"Mi first code" hidden:false}{ /code}
Mi first code

Ver código
class plgContenthighlight extends JPlugin {
	function onPrepareContent(&$article, &$params, $limitstart) {
		JPlugin::loadLanguage('plg_content_highlight', JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR);
		require_once (dirname(__FILE__). DS . 'highlight' . DS . 'helper.php');
		$regex = "/{code ([\w-_]+) ?([\w]*)}/";
		$article->text = preg_replace_callback($regex, 'replacer', $article->text);



{ code lang:javascript alias:demo-js showtitle:false lines:true}{ /code}

Ver código
  1. function mostrar_ocultar(id) {
  2. if (document.getElementById('highlight-'+id).style.display=='block') {
  3. document.getElementById('highlight-'+id).style.display='none';
  4. }
  5. else {
  6. document.getElementById('highlight-'+id).style.display='block';
  7. }
  8. }



{ code lang:css alias:demo-css lines:true line:5}{ /code}
Mostrar/Ocultar código css

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