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TEMA: reload.php

reload.php 9 años 2 meses ago #18633

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Reload keeps refreshing my page making lots of uneeded requests, isn't this unhealthy for a server using up resources of my site while those resources could be used elsewhere. Is there anyway i can stop reload.php

Now this is a screenshot from firebug from Firefox, it's about the 1st 10 seconds, seems like it makes an amazing amount of requests. I've been told .php is bad for servers so you should try and limit the amount of .php you have for the sake of the processor. :unsure:
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Re: reload.php 9 años 2 meses ago #18643

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· You can increase the refresh time in kide config (by default is 6 => each 6 seconds does a request).
· The module by default is turned off (so doesn't do request), when the user move the mouse over the chat, it turns on.
· In Joomla, the ajax should be done with "index.php?option=com_kide...." but I use a single reload.php for not load a lot of php files of Joomla
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