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TEMA: JuBlog Installation Instructions (English)

JuBlog Installation Instructions (English) 7 años 10 meses ago #20507

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From what I have seen so far, the blogs and personal pages are only viewable to registered users who are logged in. You need to inform potential installers of that before they download and install JuBlog because they will assume that the blogs are going to be viewable to public visitors (and they will probably want that too).

If I am incorrect that guest users cannot see the blogs, please let me know.

Below is a more detailed installation instruction that will help people understand how to install JuBlog. You can use it as is or edit it the way you want it. Either way is fine with me. I added a few comments (preceded by and ending with ***) that are my comments about JuBlog and are not, or course, meant to be a part of the instructions.

1. In admin, Extension Manager: Install, install JuBlog.

2. Go to Articles, Category Manager, add two categories, one titled “Blogs” and one titled “Personal Pages”.

3. Go to Components, select Con-JuBlog.

**** My comments ****
It says "Click in the button "preferences". The button is "Options", not preferences.
It should be "Click on the button "Options" or "Click the "Options" Button.

Example: It shows the selections like:

*** My comments ****
Those need to be displayed only as “Blogs” and “Personal Pages.”

4. Go to the Menu Manager and create 4 menu items with access level of (at least) “registered”. One for Manage Blog, one for View Blog, one for Manage Personal Page, one for View Personal Page.

When you select the menu item type it shows:


*** My Comments ***
All of this is going to affect how it is displayed in the Menu Item Type in the menu manager. That needs to be programmed to show only “Blogs” and “Personal Pages”.

5. In the Menu Manager, add a new menu item, named something like “User Blogs” with access being (at least) “registered.” In Menu Item Type, select “List All Categories” or “Category List”. If selecting “Category list” the names of the users with blogs will be shown. If selecting “List All Categories”, the users with blogs and a list of their blog postings will be shown.

In Required Settings, select the top level category as “Blogs” (the name you selected for blogs in step 2).

Setting up the personal pages is accomplished the same way, except that you create a new menu item named “Personal Pages” and select “Category List” to show the names of the users with personal pages, or “Category Blog” to show the names and the personal page content on the page. Select the top level category as “Personal Pages.”

6. Login to your front-end and test the system out.


I hope this helps. :)

Respectfully yours,

Mark Van Dyke
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JuBlog Installation Instructions (English) 7 años 10 meses ago #20508

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The blogs and personal pages are viewable to public visitors. But only registered users can send articles.

In step 5, you have to create the menu with public acces. Why 'with access being (at least) "registered".'?

Fixed language, thanks!

The new steps were:
1. Download JUblog
2. Install it
3. Create two categories in Joomla
3.1 One called "Blogs" for users blogs
3.2 Other called "Personal pages" for users profiles
4. In Joomla Admin > Extensions > JUblog > Options > Choose the categories created for blogs and profiles
5. In user menú create the 4 links provided by JUblog: Manage blog, See blog, Edit personal page, See personal page
6. The user, with those links, can create her personal page and add new articles in her blog
7. Now, you can create one link in one public menu to: Articles > Show categories format list > choose the category "Blogs". The link can be called "Users blogs"
8. Login in front and try the links

But I can change it by your instructions...
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JuBlog Installation Instructions (English) 7 años 10 meses ago #20509

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I was having difficulty with the blogs and personal pages showing up to unregistered visitors. That's why I put the "registered" access in step 5. Now that you have informed me that those pages should be able to be viewable by unregistered visitors, that step in the instructions should be changed.

I'm going to delete all of the articles and categories and uninstall JuBlog, and then reinstall it and follow the installation steps again. I've already discovered by testing that it is mandatory to not only "trash" the articles and categories in Joomla when you want to reinstall JuBlog, you must use the "empty trash" function before proceeding. JuBlog continues to show trashed items to the blog owner until those items are completely deleted by the empty trash function. This is also the case if you delete a blog entry by a user at any time.

I'll continue to test JuBlog and let you know what I find.

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