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Kide Shoutbox Free and Kide Chat Pro extensions are licensed under the GPLv2

Kide Shoutbox Free

- Languages: Catalan, Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian, Persian, Polish
- Works in Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0
- Captcha
- User color
- Ability to view history
- Ban users
- Icons
- Sound notification when a message is sent
- Template system

Download free version

Kide Chat Pro (Look demo)

- Private messages
- BBCode
- Commands
- Module Kide Users Inline

- Change tab title when there are new messages
- 3 months of subscription (to download the component every time you want. Support is free)
- Only 4.90€.

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After buy it, you can download Kide from here.

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20 Jan 2014 - v1.4.4

# Fixed bug opening kide and smileys popups (thanks Stranger)
# Fixed bug editing icons in Joomla 3.0+ (thanks Stranger)

27 Oct 2013 - v1.4.3

+ Added Swedish language (thanks Jan Edelius)
# Fixed bug in Joomla 3 (thanks HN2021)
# Fixed bug adding bans from Kide Admin (thanks knathanail)
! Changed swf sound by a mp3 file

23 Aug 2013 - v1.4.2

# Fixed important bug in mod_kide_users_inline
# Fixed little bug in css dark template

03 May 2013 - v1.4.1

^ Restored "time bar" (thanks feddx)

11 Apr 2013 - v1.4.0

# Deleted http push method (a lot of problems with apache servers)
# Fixed bug with sessions in module (thanks fraenk)

02 Apr 2013 - v1.3.5

# Be sure mysql cache is disabled in "push" ajax request
# Be sure "push" ajax request ends with javascript abort
# Fixed bug when alert of new messages
! Changed default session time from 100 to 200 seconds
! Changed default max execution time from 90 to 60 seconds

01 Apr 2013 - v1.3.4

+ Change tab title when it's not actived for alert of new messages (pro version)
+ New option in kide config to disable privates
+ Show IP in admin kide messages

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